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Beer Tap System

Reign in Design will work with you from the initial design phase through to your beer tap system installation. We are experienced draft beer system installers in Wollongong NSW. Whether you need a simple under counter beer on tap system system for a cafe or the best draft beer system for your bar or restaurant, we are here to help you achieve that perfect pour every time.

The type of beer line cooling system you will need will depend on a few key elements:

  1. How many beers you want to have on tap?
  2. What is the distance from your kegs to your beer taps?
  3. Do any of your tapped beers require nitrogen?

Depending on your needs we will recommend one of 3 main types of commercial draft beer systems: air-cooled system, direct draw or long draw.

Reign In Design Bottle Beer Tap Systems

Direct Draw

In direct draw systems the kegs are in a walk-in cool room which shares a wall with your beer taps. Unfortunately, not many bars are setup this way, but those lucky enough to make this setup work will enjoy some cost savings. With a short run commercial beer tap system, you do not have to worry about the beer warming up between the keg and beer tap, it will dispense at the same temperature as the cool room.  

Long Draw

In a long draw beer system, the kegs are located several meters from your beer taps. This requires a glycol chiller system to keep your beer cold between the walk-in cooler and the beer tap. A glycol system ranges from $1,000 – $12,000 depending on how many beers you have and how far your beer taps are from your beer kegs. The further the distance, the higher the price as you will need to have a more powerful pump and cooling system to ensure can go the distance. Glycol cooling systems also require trunk lines which act as a conduit to connect the beer lines to the respective faucet in the beer tower. Trunk lines starting cost is around $50 per meter and will increase with diameter.

Generally, you should expect to pay approximately $1,000 per beer line for a glycol coolers. If you’re using a bar beer tap system that has more than 12 beer lines, it can be more difficult to estimate the price as it will need to be custom designed. Contact us to find out more.

Reign In Design Glass Beer Tap Systems

Additional Beer Line Elements

In addition to your beer line system, you will also need to consider the below elements:

  • Dispensing towers – also known as fonts are a visual element of your beer system which can entice your customer to the bar. You will want to find a beer tower which meets your functionality requirements and fits with the mood and décor of your venue.
  • Drip tray – usually made from food grade stainless steel these trays sit underneath the tap and collect condensation and overflow.
  • Couplers – also known as keg taps these connect the airline to the keg, ensuring it flows properly, they start from around $30 each.
  • Regulators – these regulate the pressure which forces the beer out of the line, they start from around $50 each.
  • Tap system – the cost of a basic 6-tap system starts at about $2,600 though there is such a wide variety of systems available, the cost will depend on your requirements.

Optional Beer Tap System Add-ons

Depending on your venue needs you might want to discuss adding in some additional elements to your draft beer tap system.


Per line pressure regulators

Beer lines are typically setup in a zone arrangement. This means you can adjust the pressure for a zone of beers rather than a single tap. From $50 – 60 per tap plus labour fees you can upgrade to singular regulators which will give you the freedom to adjust the pressure for each beer. For a small additional cost, this addition will help to improve the performance of your beer keg tap system.


Foam on Beer Prevention (FOB)

The FOB system helps to reduce wastage when changing your keg. This is particularly useful for those setups which have a long run.  The benefit of this addition will depend on your individual setup so before spending the additional $50 – 100 for this make sure you discuss with your beer system installer if it’s right for you.


Gas Mixers

Gas mixers are usually required when you have a long draw system or are using a bar keg tap system with propylene glycol. The cheapest option is to use a pre-blended system which has a ratio of 25% CO2 to 75% nitrogen. However, this ratio only works well for kegs like Guinness. Larger and ales will not work as well with this mixture. For those wanting a more tailored mix of nitrogen to CO2 you can use gas blenders to achieve the best ratio for each beer you are pouring.

If you are thinking about installing a beer and beverage system in your venue, we have the expertise to help you every step of the way. We are dedicated to the timely and cost-efficient completion of your project while offering the best quality results. Contact us now to discuss your enquiry.

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