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Reign In Design partners with SilverChef to provide flexible equipment finance. SilverChef is the hospitality equipment finance specialist – it’s quick and easy to apply online or by phone, and SilverChef looks for ways to say ‘yes’.

Benefits of SilverChef finance

  • Don’t wait to get the equipment you need – start now without spending your capital
  • Choose from a variety of flexible finance options to suit you and your business
  • Rental or lease payments may be eligible for tax deductions – talk to a professional taxation advisor to find out more.

SilverChef has provided equipment finance to more than 50,000 hospitality businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Talk to one of our friendly staff instore to learn more and start your application.

High approval rate

We back potential and look for ways to say 'yes'

Low weekly payments

Preserve your cash fow with low weekly rental payments

Try before you buy

Return equioment after 12 months if it's not right

Upgrade at any time

Flexibility to upgrade to equipment that's like-for-like, bigger or better

Purchase at any time

Purchase outright and receive a 75% rebate on all your prior payments

100% tax deductitable*

Payments are 100% tax deductable

Off balance sheet funding

Off-balance sheet so it doesn't affect borrowing ability

Lease to own

Up to a 30% discount on payment when you move to an ownership plan

*SilverChef doesn’t provide legal, tax, or accounting advice and we recommend you see your tax advisor for more details.