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Unox Cheftop Mind Maps Plus Big 20 Grid Combi Oven

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Product Description

  • Capacity: 20 GN 2/1
  • Convection cooking: 30°C -260°C
  • Delta T cooking core probe
  • MULTI.Point core probe
  • Advanced and Automatic cooking programming
  • Holding cooking mode
  • MIND.Maps technology
  • Draw cooking processes made of infinite steps with 1 simple touch
  • Programs store up to 256 user’s program
  • CHEFUNOX: select cooking mode
  • MULTI.Time: technology
  • AIR.Maxi technology
  • DRY.Maxi technology: High performance moisture extraction
  • technology
  • MAXI.Link technology: alows double stack oven columns to be created
  • Protek.SAFETY technology
  • Maximum thermal efficiency and working safety
  • Rotor.KLEAN: 4 Automatic washing programs
  • Door hinges made of high durability and self-lubricationg techno-polymer
  • Preheating temperature up to 260°C
  • Chamber lightning through external LED lights
  • Steam proof sealed MASTER. Touch control panel
  • High capacity appliance drip pan
  • Light weight-heavy duty structure using innovative materials
  • Autodiagnosis system for problems or brake down
  • Safety temperature switch
  • Openable internal glass to simplify door cleaning
  • Stainless steel rack rails with notched recesses for easy loading
  • WARRANTY: 12 months for Parts & Labour
  • Power: 415 V; 29.3 kW
  • Dimensions: 892 x 1018 x 1875mm [h]
  • Weight: 262 kg


Unox Intensive Cooking

  • DRY.Maxi™: rapidly extracts the humidity from the cooking chamber
  • STEAM.Maxi™: produces saturated steam
  • AIR.Maxi™: manage fans auto-reverse and pulse function
  • CLIMALUX™: total control of the humidity in the cooking chamber

Data Driven Cooking

  • Control and monitor the operating conditions of your
    ovens in real-time, create and share new recipes. The AI transforms the consumption data into useful
    information in order to increase your daily profit. Create, understand, improve

Manual cooking

  • Temperature: 30 °C – 300 °C
  • Up to 9 cooking steps
  • CLIMA.Control: humidity or dry air set by 10%
  • Delta T cooking with core probe


  • 1000+ Programs
  • MIND.Maps™: draw the cooking processes directly on the display

Standard Technical features

  • ROTOR.Klean™: automatic washing system
  • Moulded cooking chamber in AISI 316 L stainless steel
  • Double glass
  • Cooking chamber lighting through LED lights embedded in the door
  • Tray supports with anti-tipping system
  • Drip collection system integrated in the door and functional even with the door open
  • 4-speed fan system and high-performance circular resistance
  • Integrated DET&Rinse™ detergent container
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload HACCP data
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload programs

Additional information

Weight 262 kg
Dimensions 892 × 1018 × 1875 mm