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Unox Bakertop Mind.Maps One Electric 6 Tray 600 X 400

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Unox Australia

Unox Bakertop Mind.Maps One Electric 6 Tray 600 X 400

  • Combi Steamer
  • Electric
  • 6 Tray 600×400
  • Hinged Right (Left Hand Door)
  • 9.5” Touch Control Panel Built-in WiFi
  • TEMPERATURE: 30°C – 260°C.
  • CLIMA.Control: Humidity or dry air set by 10%.
  • FANS: 4 fan speeds with auto-reverse and pulse function.
  • Up to 9 cooking steps.
  • Single point core probe.
  • Delta T cooking option.
  • MIND.Maps™: The new intuitive visual language setting to create your perfect cooking program.
  • 384 programs.
  • MIND.Maps™: Up to 48 custom MIND.Maps™
  • STEAM.Maxi: Humidity and steam production.
  • DRY.Maxi: Forced extraction of humidity.
  • AIR.Maxi: Multiple fans and auto-reversing fan speed ROTOR.Klean: automatic washing system.
  • BUILD-IN Detergent drawer system
  • Single point core probe: 1 sensor.
  • Double glass
  • USB data: download/upload HACCP data.
  • USB data: download/upload programs.
  • Integrated Det&Rinse tank.
  • LED chamber illumination integrated in the door.
  • Stainless steel tray supports.
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 cooking chamber.


Unox XEBC-06EU-E1LM BAKERTOP MIND.Maps ONE 6 tray 600 x 400

Technologically advanced combi oven for gastronomy cooking processes (dehydrating, steaming, low temperature cooking, sous vide cooking, roasting, grilling, pan frying, regeneration and plate regeneration) and for fresh or frozen baking thanks to the Unox Intensive Cooking and Intelligence Performance technologies which guarantee perfect results and repeatability for any load size. Automatic management of cooking processes (CHEFUNOX) for perfect results even without trained staff.


Manual cooking 

  • Temperature: 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Up to 9 cooking steps
  • CLIMA.Control: humidity or dry air set by 10%
  • Delta T cooking with core probe
  • MULTI.Point core probe
  • SOUS-VIDE core probe


  • 1000+ Programs
  • CHEFUNOX: choose something to cook from the library and the oven will automatically set all the parameters MULTI.TIME: manages up to 10 cooking processes at the same time
  • MISE.EN.PLACE: synchronises the insertion of pans so that all the dishes are ready at the same time
  • MIND.Maps™: draw the cooking processes directly on the display
  • READY.BAKE: ready to use settings for a quick start


  • ROTOR.Klean™: automatic washing system
  • Automatic special washing behind the fan guard
  • Cooking chamber in high-resistance AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded edges
  • Triple glass
  •  Cooking chamber lighting through LED lights embedded in the door
  • Tray supports with anti-tipping system
  • Drip collection system integrated in the door and functional even with the door open
  • 4-speed fan system and high-performance circular resistance
  • Integrated DET&Rinse™ detergent container
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload HACCP data
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload programs


 Unox Intelligent Performance

  •  ADAPTIVE.Cooking™: automatically regulates the cooking parameters to ensure repeatable results
  • CLIMALUX™: total control of the humidity in the cooking chamber
  • SMART.Preheating: sets automatically the temperature and the duration of the preheating
  • AUTO.Soft: manages the heat rise to make it more delicate
  • SENSE.Klean: estimates how dirty the oven is and suggests appropriate automatic cleaning

Unox Intensive Cooking

  • DRY.Maxi™: rapidly extracts the humidity from the cooking chamber
  • STEAM.Maxi™: produces saturated steam
  • AIR.Maxi™: manage fans auto-reverse and pulse function
  • PRESSURE.Steam: increases the saturation and temperature of steam

Data Driven Cooking

  • Control and monitor the operating conditions of your ovens in real-time, create and share new recipes. The AI transforms the consumption data into useful information in order to increase your daily profit. Create, understand, improve


  • Data Driven Cooking app & webapp
  • Top Training app
  • Combi guru App

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Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 967 × 860 × 843 mm