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Unox Bakerlux Shop.Pro Touch Vittoria.matic 6 Tray 600×400

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Unox Australia


Product Description

  • Convection oven
  • Electric
  • 6 trays 600×400
  • Hinged Rightt (Left hand door)
  • 2.4″ Touch control panel
  • 99 Programs
  • Temperature: 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Up to 9 cooking steps
  • Humidity set by 20%
  • Baking chamber in high-resistance AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded edges
  • Double glass
  • Baking chamber lighting through LED lights embedded in the door
  • Baking chamber with L-shaped rack rails
  • 2-speed fan system and high-performance circular resistance
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload HACCP data
  • Wi-Fi / USB data: download/upload programs



Unox XEFT-06EU-ETLV BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro TOUCH Vittoria.Matic 6 tray 600×400

Design and intelligence, the elegance of glass and the technology of touch controls, as well as the built-in internet connection. Everything you could possibly imagine in an oven is now in your hands. Created to be perfect. In every detail.

Standard Features:

  • Convection baking with adjustable temperature (30°C-260°C)
  • Convection baking with humidity and adjustable temperature (48°C-260°C)
  • Maximum pre-heating temperature 260°C
  • Cooking steps 9
  • PROGRAMS: 99
  • PROGRAMS: names and pictures can be assigned to saved programmes. Recipes can be saved with a name
  • Wired Internet connection
  • DATA DRIVEN COOKING: It collects data, processes information, analyzes how it is used, and tips provides customized

Key Features:

  • AIR.Plus technology: 2 speeds of air flow in the chamber, can be adjusted by user
  • AIR.Plus technology: multiple fans running in reverse
  • STEAM.Plus technology: mixed convection – humidity baking (20-40-60-100%)
  • DRY.Plus technology: extracts humidity from the baking chamber
  • MAXI.LINK technology: allows you to create units with two stacked ovens
  •  Protek.SAFE™ technology: maximum thermal efficiency and working safety
  • Protek.SAFE™ technology: motor stopped when door is opened to limit energy loss
  • Preheating temperatures up to 260°C that can be set by the user for each programme
  • Shows the remaining time for the baking programme currently in use
  • ‘INFINITE’ continuous operation
  • Shows the nominal and actual baking time, chamber temperature, humidity level and fan speeds
  • Temperature units shown in °C or °F


    • UNOX Intensive Cooking: You’ve chosen not to settle for less. Maximum baking efficiency. Bake to perfection, sell, repeat. All day, every day. For the tight schedule of a commercial space whose core business is selling baked goods, the priorities are high quality standards, repeatable results, speed of execution, energy savings and reliability.
    • Data Driven Cooking: Your oven is unique, intelligent, and connected. Data Driven Cooking artificial intelligence technology is designed to help you take advantage of the full potential of UNOX’s BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ ovens.
    • UNOX Intelligent Performance: Smart baking. Guaranteed results. Achieving identical results for each load requires control, intelligence and expertise. Every detail counts: what happens before and during baking, the various load quantities, food whose properties vary with the seasons and the unique manual techniques of each member of your team.


  • Tray supports in L-shaped sheet metal (Only for CAMILLA and VITTORIA models)
  • Tray supports in chrome-plated steel (Only for ELENA and ROSSELLA models)
  • Tray supports in chrome-plated steel with anti-tipping system (Only for STEFANIA and ARIANNA models) Sealed control panel to avoid steam infiltrating the circuit board (IPX4)
  • Lightweight – Heavy Duty structure using innovative materials
  • Door open switch
  • Temperature limiter for safety
  • Easy-to-clean, openable internal glass panel (only for right-to-left door opening models)
  • Easy-to-clean internal glass panel (only for drop down opening models)

Additional information

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 811 × 800 × 682 mm