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Skipio Gelato Showcase Sgc-1800f(B)




Classification Freezer / Fan Cooling
Cabinet dimension W1727 * D1034 * H1306 (mm)
Number of 1/3 Pans 18EA
Number of 1/2 Pans 12EA
Inner Temperature -25~-15℃
Insulation Type Polyurethane / Cyclopentane + CFC Free
Power 1254W
Weight 300Kg
Door Type Sliding Doors


Skipio Gelato Showcase Sgc-1800f(B)

SKIPIO is an international commercial refrigeration manufacturer with its Korean headquarter in Seoul and factory fully operated in AnSan. We SKIPIO have long-term global experience and abundant knowledge in sales, manufacturing and technology for refrigeration. Our expertise lies in the field of commercial refrigerated cabinets, bakery showcases, ice makers, blast chillers, custom-made products, and so on.

We produce 3,0000 units per year in these factories with the most cutting -edge facilities and manufacturing equipment such as NCTs, individual foaming jigs, and automatic bending machines along with mass production lines. With such high- tech-equipment, we inspect and assess every single product thoroughly in our performance test laboratory and Institute of Technology. SKIPIO manufactures products with a high level of efficiency and quality, and exports its products to five continents including 67 countries in Europe, Asia, America and so forth. we have built our reputationand trust in the global markets for years through our quality products, product performance and satisfactory after-sales service.

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1034 × 1727 × 1306 mm

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