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Roband Straight Glass Refrigerated Display Bar, 6 pans

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Product Description
Straight front glass
Capacity 6 x 1/2 Gn Pans
Pans Included
Rear roller glass sliding doors
Double row-Cold plate & Top Cross Fin coil
Adjustable digital thermostat 0°C to 8°C
Double skin construction
Safety lock ball valve drain
Streamlined for easy cleaning
Toughened safety front glass
Stainless steel construction with tubular frame
Overhead fluorescent light
Removable cross bars
Quality refrigeration unit
Quiet operation
Environmentally friendly R404A refrigerant
Power: 500 Watts; single phase; 10 Amps plug
Warranty 12 months Parts & Labour
Dimensions: 1030 x 615 x 750 (H)
Local health regulations can vary; please ensure intended use complies before ordering



About the Product and Brand
These units match the complete range of Straight Glass Hot Foodbars. The refrigerated cold plate and cross fin coil foodbars are the ideal solution for displaying food that needs to remain cold. They are designed to take gastronorm pans up to 65mm deep.

Safety regulations require careful preparation, handling and storage of food products at all times. Cold plate units operate with a single refrigeration coil attached to the underside of the tank, thus food is chilled from underneath. In contrast, Cross Fin coil units have an additional refrigeration coil located above the level of the pans that helps cool that space as well.

NB Unless users are absolutely certain that a single refrigeration coil will suit the purpose and are in compliance with food safety standards, Cross Fin coil units are recommended at all times.

The Roband range of countertop food service equipment is manufactured locally. Brands include Austheat, Vita-Mix blenders, Forge cookware, Noaw food slicers and Robino

Additional information

Weight 109 kg
Dimensions 104 × 62 × 68 mm