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Jetstream JET1500D Deck Mounted Pre Rinse Spray Tap with Blue Handle


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Product features

  • Dimensions1130(H) x 390(W) x 80(D)mm
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Weight6.8kg
  • The soft, easy-to-clean hose provides flexibility and ease-of-use
  • Maximum Temperature: 80ºC
  • Overall height: 1073 mm. Hose length 845mm
  • All units should be installed with isolating stop valves
  • Soft spring for easy operation
  • Durable stainless steel blade spray for
    convenient cleaning
  • Recommended for commercial kitchens
  • Conforms with AS/NZS3718, AS4020 AND AS/NZS6400
  • 6 star rated spray gun
  • 4 star rated pot filler
  • Single hole mount
  • Operating water pressure Min 50kPA, Max 350kPA


Pre-wash dishes and cookware with the Jetstream deck mounted pre rinse spray tap. Featuring a stainless steel construction that makes it easy to clean and highly durable, perfect for use in demanding commercial kitchens. The pre-rinse spray helps you to get immaculate dishes by removing any debris before placing in the dishwasher.

Equipped with hot and cold taps, it allows you to choose the temperature for rinsing your dirty crockery before putting them in the dishwasher. Once this Jetstream pre rinse spray has both a hot and cold water connection, simply turn on the tap and pull the trigger for instant use. And with its fast water pressure of up to 350kPA, it will easily remove larger items of leftover food.

The soft spring hose provides flexibility making it easy to operate. A hose length of 845mm allows you to easily manoeuvre the spray gun to wash around all types of tableware, or kitchenware. When not in use, the handy holder attachment makes it easy to secure the spray protecting it from accidental knocks. This JET1500D spray unit has been designed with a pot filler that makes it easy to fill pots at a lower pressure preventing water splashback when trying to fill pots and pans.

Designed with ¼ turn 100mm ceramic disc taps instead of metal, this tap can produce a flow of water without annoying leaks. The ceramic material also has a porous nature making it highly durable and ideal for long-term maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 390 × 1130 mm