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Hatco Thermax Salamander Tms2-1h

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Standard features

  • Instant-On heating elements located in the upper housing
  • Plate detection feature activates the Instant-On heating elements when a plate is placed on the grill plate, and deactivates when removed
  • Heating elements are only on when in use, eliminating residual heat in the kitchen
  • Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability
  • Can be placed on a countertop or wall-mounted
  • Hold mode could be adjusted to save 25-50% power
  • Adjustable upper housing giving 170mm of vertical movement
  • Flat, tactile control panel
  • Ship Weight: 80Kgs
  • Overall Dimensions: 630W x 505D x 568Hmm.
  • Electrical: 4.1kw 17.2 amp.
  • Supplied with cord but no plug.


TMS2-1H Salamander.

Hatco’s Therm-Max Salamander is specially designed for versatility in the kitchen with the capabilities to cook, grill, and reheat food.

With the patented movable heat unit housing, maximum thermal transfer is achieved and maximum power is only consumed whilst actually in cook mode.

The unparalleled start-up speed is a result of Hatco’s “INSTANT ON Ã¢â‚¬Â heating elements located in the upper housing.

Therm-Max TMS-1H Salamanders offer un-rivalled  energy efficiency and easy operation to suit the most demanding requirements – whether of fine restaurants or fast food outlets.

Spec Sheet