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Hatco Slanted Heated Dual Shelf Display Warmer GRSDS




  • Shelves are slanted for the convience of self-service
  • Models have pre-focused infrared top heat directing heat
  • to the outer edges of the holding surface where heat loss
  • is the greatest
  • Thermostatically-controlled, hardcoated heated base has
  • a temperature range of 185°- 200°F (85°- 93°C)
  • Coated shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance product
  • display while safeguarding food products from bulb breakage
  • NSF require units over 36″ (914 mm) in width or weighing
  • more than 80 lbs. (36 kg) to be either sealed, or raised on the
  • installation surface with the 4″ (102 mm) legs included
  • Standard units shipped with: tempered glass side panels,
  • hardcoated shelves, coated shatter-resistant incandescent
  • lights, adjustable dividers, 4″ (102 mm) legs , and a 6′
  • (1829 mm) cord with plug


GRSDS Heated Display Warmer.

The Hatco GRSDS Glo-Ray® Merchandising Warmer holds hot wrapped foods at proper serving temperatures, while placing the focus where it belongs – on the product.

  • Designed for short-term food holding.
  • Uses pre-focused infrared top heat and a thermostatically-controlled heated base with a temperature range of 185°F-200°F (85°C-93°C) to provide optimal holding times.
  • GRSDS is a slant, single shelf unit.
  • Available in all Designer colors (standard Gloss finish Glossy Gray) to match your décor

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610 mmW, 760 mmW, 910 mmW, 1040 mmW, 1320 mmw, 1520 mmW

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