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Hatco Cold Undermount Shelf CSU



Hatco Cold Undermount Shelf CSU

Standard features

  • Mounts directly to underside of appropriate countertop material
  • Approved materials include granite and quartz up to 1 3/16″
  • (30 mm), Swanstone® and certain stainless steel or aluminum
  • surfaces approved by Hatco. Please contact the factory for
  • applications with other material ▛
  • CSU units have unattached Condenser, attached Control Box
  • CSUR units have unattached Condenser and Control Box
  • CSUX have no Condenser (condenser supplied by others) and
  • unattached Control Box
  • CSU(R) condensers utilize R-513A refrigerant
  • CSUX models allow shelves to be cooled with other refrigerants
  • Condensing unit features easy serviceability with sight glass,
  • service valves, dryer/filter and receiver (CSU, CSUR models only)
  • CSU models offer a long, flexible, refrigerant line which allows
  • condensing unit to be pulled out for service
  • With CSU models, condensing unit may be mounted up to
  • 4′ (1219 mm) away from the center of shelf
  • All units have an Electronic Temperature Control Box with a
  • 4′ (1219 mm) lead wire (Standard)
  • Control Box can be mounted 4′ (1219 mm) from center of the
  • shelf (CSU models only)
  • All models feature an anodized aluminum surface
  • Models shipped with a shelf assembly with a temperature probe,
  • assembled TXV valve (shipped loose on CSUR, CSUX models),
  • control box (shipped loose on CSUR, CSUX models), liquid line
  • solenoid valve attached to the shelf (CSUX models only) and
  • CSU, CSUR models include a condensing unit (CSU shipped
  • attached, CSUR shipped loose), thermal mastic caulk and
  • applicator (CSU, CSUR models only)
  • All models not available with CE Mark



Hatco’s CSU Cold Undermount Shelf is a foodsafe shelf that is designed to keep pre-chilled food products in the perfect chill zone for serving.

  • Includes a power On/Off switch and digital temperature controller.
  • Has an aluminum surface and is designed to be mounted directly against the underside of a granite or quartz countertop, which means cooling transfers through the countertop to the top side for a true, seamless installation.

Additional information

Weight N/A

697W x 579D x 257Hmm, 998W x 579D x 257Hmm, 1303W x 579D x 257Hmm

Spec Sheet