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Hatco BLACK Toast-Max Conveyor Toaster TM3-10H

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  • Dimensions: 368x535x411mm. (wxdxh)
  • Connected load: 230 V. / 2.1 kW.
  • Full stainless steel
  • For consistently high quality
  • Basket-style semi-horizontal toaster
  • Produces 290 to 350 sandwiches, toasties, bagels or muffins per hour
  • The “Color Gaurd” system ensures that your toast is always toasted evenly
  • Adjustable speed control to set the degree of toast
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy efficient
  • Input opening: 264×76 mm


TM3-10H/BLACK Toast-Max Conveyor Toaster

The Hatco Toast-Max entry level conveyor toaster offers the flexibility and performance to perfectly toast bread and buns fast. Utilizing conveyor speed, not temperature, to determine toasting colour, this allows for instant adjustment of toasting time.

Hatco’s TM3 TOAST-MAX® Conveyor Toaster uses conveyor speed, not temperature, to provide uniform toast colors, providing great flexibility and performance, delivering up to 400 slices per hour.

Patented ColorGuard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed during peak periods to ensure toast color uniformity.
The energy-saving mode with indicator light is activated automatically after a certain time, saving energy during off-peak hours.
Also available in Designer warm red and black (standard stainless steel) to match your interior.
The TM3-5 and TM3-10 models are specially designed for the UK market.