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Double Handled Amber Pans, 1/3 size, 64mm

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  • High Heat Applications – Intended for high heat applications like food wells , holding bins and microwaves
  • Molded Handles – Double handles allow for convenient transport and limit contact with food
  • Spoonable Bottoms – Rounded interior corners make removing contents easier and reduce food waste
  • Reinforced Rim & Corners – Sturdy construction prevents chipping, cracking and breaking
  • Stackable – Save on storage space by s tacking pans together
  • Non-S lip Base Finish – Textured surface reduces visible signs of wear andreduces s lipping


30860HH13 and 30861HH13Double Handled Pans

Feature Includes:

30860HH13 – Double Handled Amber Pans, 1/3 size, 64mm

30861HH13 – Double Handled Amber Pans, 1/3 size, 102mm

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Weight 2.77 kg

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