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CookTek Double Hob Induction Cooktop Drop In MCD3502S

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High efficiency dual hob cooktops, with heavy duty electronic components and high-impact glass-ceramic tops, form the Cooktek Twin Zone Heritage bench top mounted Induction Cooktop. With two, side by side 2400 watts zones, the unit delivers high powered, efficient results. A clear red LED display shows the power level or temperature, while the rotary control allows precise and easy user control. Efficient, reliable and safe to operate, this unit is an asset to any commercial kitchen.



CookTek Double Hob Induction Cooktop Drop In MCD3502S

The CookTek® Drop-in Double Burner (Hob) Cooktop Sideto-Side with Standard Controls boasts a drop-in countertop
design with a stainless steel and aluminum housing, and a
high temperature glass- ceramic top intended for commercial
kitchens and restaurants. An automatic shut-off feature, integral
cooling fan, and self-diagnosing microprocessor allow for a safe
kitchen environment. Each unit is equipped with 22 temperature
settings and 20 precise power settings to ensure maximum and
efficient heating of any induction-compatible pan.

• Drop-in design with stainless steel and aluminum housing
• High-quality internal electronics and heavy gauge Litz wire
• Easy-to-clean high-temperature glass-ceramic top
• Individual controls for each burner (hob) for independent
operation and functionality
• LED display
• Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy
transmission to pan
• Even heat distribution across bottom of cookware
• Programmed with 22 temperature settings and 20 power
cook settings
• Automatic shut-off feature prohibits overheating
• Temperature range from 29°C – 260°C
• Microprocessor monitors vital components to check for
overheating, power supply issues, and more
• Integral fan keeps internal components cool
• Available in 20A & 30A





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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 71 × 35 × 10 mm