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B+S K+ Split Tank Turbo Fryer


B+S commercial kitchens

B+S K+ Split Tank Turbo Fryer

Standard Features:
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Stainless Steel Constructed Split Pans with Cool Zones
• Energy-Efficient Target Burner
• Dual Over-Temperature Safety Switches
• Oil Temperature Thermostatically Regulated
• 13.5L Oil Capacity Pans
• Flame Failure Standard
• Night Covers & Baskets Included
• Front access to all components makes service easy
• 12-Month Warranty
• Natural or LP Gas
• Castors

Spec Sheet BS-Spec-Sheet-KTF-451S



K+ Turbo Fryer

The newly upgraded K+ Turbo Fryers are the perfect addition to new members of the restaurant industry. Just like the K+ Range, the K+ Turbo Fryers combines value with quality and performance. The K+ Turbo Fryer’s newly designed slimmer body features a stainless steel frame and stainless steel constructed pan/s with a centre cool zone, ensuring that it withstands the pressures within a busy kitchen. The K+ Turbo Fryers guarantee perfect performance every time with their energy-efficient target burner and flame-failure feature. Moreover, The K+ Turbo Fryers also feature an over-temperature safety cut-out switch that protects the Turbo Fryer from overheating and breaking down and also protects the safety of your staff.

The K+ Turbo Fryers are available with a Single Pan, 21.3-Litre oil capacity, or a Split Tank with two pans, each holding 13.5-Litres of oil. Both include baskets and a night cover. The K+ Turbo Fryers also comes with a 15-month warranty.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 450 × 840 × 1030 mm