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Reign In Design is an Australian Owned Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out & Equipment Supply Company based in Wollongong NSW

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Shipping Container Kitchen


20' KitchenBox
Mobile or Permanent Full-Service Kitchen
Starting Price = $138,500


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What Are the Benefits of Shipping Container Kitchens?

Construction Time

Installing a kitchen in a container is significantly quicker compared to constructing one from the ground up on-site, resulting in a faster return on your investment.


Were you aware that a 40’ shipping container consists of more than 8000lbs of steel? By re-purposing a used container instead of letting it go to waste, you contribute to its productive utilization and reduce the demand for new construction materials.


Tailored to your specific needs and intended use, your mobile kitchen container can be fully customized to meet your requirements.


Due to the non-permanent nature of your prefab kitchen, it provides a low-commitment opportunity to explore new markets. Additionally, you can easily cater to seasonal markets, such as setting up near a beach during summer and relocating near an outdoor skating rink during winter.

Strong & Weather Proof

Cargo containers are incredibly durable, designed to endure harsh sea conditions and the weight of being stacked under other fully loaded containers. Once appropriately modified, they can be transformed into comfortable and robust structures.

Food Safety Requirements

Your pre-fabricated commercial kitchen is capable of meeting all the necessary food safety requirements, just like any other conventional kitchen.

Disaster Ready

In the event of a disaster like a flood, a mobile kitchen can be relocated to a safe area, away from harm. Alternatively, if individuals have been displaced following a disaster, you have the flexibility to move your kitchen to cater to their needs.

Plumbing Hook-Up

You have the option to select a self-contained shipping container kitchen equipped with its own water supply and wastewater tank. Alternatively, in compliance with local regulations, a shipping container kitchen can also be connected to the local water supply and sewage system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From initial napkin sketches to installation, our comprehensive design team will guide you every step of the way. The design phase commences with conceptual drawings and renderings, ensuring a clear understanding of the project for all stakeholders involved.
To ensure availability and secure your desired kitchen, we highly recommend reaching out to us as early as possible. Our kitchens tend to book quickly, often well in advance. Contacting us sooner rather than later will allow us to discuss your requirements, avoid any potential disappointment, and prevent the need for schedule adjustments. Feel free to get
Our kitchens offer versatility for various applications, including kitchen renovations, special events, and disaster relief efforts. Their adaptable design allows them to accommodate different styles of food service with ease.

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