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Moss Vale RSL Club

Food service designers should comply with the standards not only to create efficient designs, but also to ensure hygiene and easy maintenance. This ensures a smooth flow in preparing, storing, and displaying food. Standards lay down minimum required dimensions for the dedicated kitchen spaces to further facilitate good hygiene as well as efficiency. Here’s how the workflow should look like:

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Moss Vale RSL Club
Moss Vale RSL Club


A lot goes into designing a commercial kitchen on a high level, from considering storage space, food prep zone, and cooking station to service and washing station. If you have been in this industry you might already have an idea on the nitty-gritty of it. So, here we give you some details on the technical aspects of a commercial kitchen design, which includes renders and layouts.

When it comes to designing a commercial kitchen and drawing out a plan, much thought goes into the reference standards and adherence to Council/Australian Food Standards guidelines, dimensions, and workflows.

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Moss Vale RSL Club

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