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How much does a commercial kitchen fit out cost?

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How much does a commercial kitchen fit out cost?

When designing a kitchen layout, you want to consider the end-to-end process of food handling from when food gets delivered to how dishes are cleaned. To reduce cross contamination, the food flow should be in one direction from receipt to storage to preparation to service. 

You can break this process down into 5 zones. When planning a kitchen fit out or a custom design kitchen it is important to understand the costs to build your kitchen. Depending on your individual requirements you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to well over $100,000. While each project will have its own specific needs, there are several key elements which will drive the cost of your fit out.  

·         The size of the kitchen

·         State of your premises

·         Regulatory requirements

·         Equipment, fixtures, and fittings required.

·         Time frame

·         Complexity of your design

We will outline each of these elements for your consideration. 

Commerical Kitchen Reign In Design Silver Stove Bench Tongs

Kitchen Size

In the world of kitchen fit outs, generally, the larger the kitchen the higher the price. This is because larger kitchens require more equipment, labour and bigger spaces are harder to temperature control. The size of kitchen you need will depend on:

·         Your menu – how complex the food is to prepare and how many items are on your menu.

·         Covers – how much food are you wanting to produce at any one time.

·         Kitchen staff – how many people will be in the kitchen.

A high-end fit-out for a fine dining restaurant is likely to cost a lot more than a café kitchen or fast-food establishment with a simple menu. As a guide, a basic fit-out for a start-up or franchise can start from around $1,900 per square meter up to $2,300, while a high-end premium fit-out can be over $3,500 per square meter. The figures are only an estimate, as each individual project will have its own specific requirements. Contact us for a more detailed quote. 

Choose the right premises

The state of your existing kitchen or desired kitchen location can greatly influence the cost of a redesign or remodel. If you are choosing a restaurant location for the first time, involve your fit-out specialist as early as possible to ensure the space is workable for the vision you have. Having a clear design can be key to finding the right venue, however you also need to be flexible to adapt the design to the limitations of you chosen location.

Where possible you want to start with a venue which has good foundational infrastructure in place, such as:

  • High quality wiring
  • Accessible high-quality plumbing
  • Existing climate-control

Many of these elements can be hard to determine on first look, so involving your shopfitting company in the selection process can help to minimise the risk of unnecessary additional expenditure.


Regulatory requirements

Regulatory compliance is an especially important aspect of any kitchen design. When undergoing a commercial kitchen renovation or new build you must consider all regulatory requirements and commercial kitchen guidelines and incorporate them into your design. Seeking expert advice from an experienced project manager can greatly reduce the risk of costly compliance delays. In Australia, at a minimum you will need to consider:

Implementing the relevant compliance elements upfront can reduce the cost of a commercial kitchen by saving you considerable time, effort and funds.

Equipment, fixtures, and fittings

Commercial catering equipment is a considerable expense in your restaurant fit out. You can expect to spend up to 70% of your total budget on equipment, fixtures and fittings for your coffee shop or café fit out. There are several key pieces of equipment which are needed in every kitchen:

  • Reliable refrigeration such as cool rooms, under counter fridges and freezers
  • Cooking equipment and implements such as commercial ovens, deep fryers, cooktops.
  • Ventilation and fire suppression systems, such as rangehoods, extraction fans.
  • Temperature control, such as air conditioning.
  • Cleaning equipment such as sinks and commercial grade dishwashers.

There are several steps you can take to make the most of your budget, before going out to buy brand new top of the line equipment, consider:

  • Conducting an audit of your existing equipment.
  • Making the most of materials or equipment you already have.
  • Selling any unwanted assets.
  • Cut costs by looking for second-hand equipment or materials.
  • Avoiding selecting equipment based on brand names, look for the specifications you need.
  • Shopping around for equipment, avoid impulse purchases of appliances.
  • Opting for high materials which are made to last and are hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Consider the warranty and servicing required of any new equipment you are buying.

It is important to do your research and consider alternative materials which can meet your design requirements and offer a hard-wearing dependable performance as well as value.

Time Frame Of A Kitchen Fit out

It is important to allow sufficient time to complete your café fit out. Being realistic and slightly flexible with your timeline can help to reduce your commercial kitchen cost, as it allows you to search for the best possible price for your equipment and negotiate the best price with your suppliers. While we understand it is not always possible to be flexible with your opening date, tight deadlines can limit your options and you often must pay more for a quick turnaround.

Complexity of your design

Complex designs with bespoke equipment or specialty materials can add considerable expense to your project cost. Often specialty equipment is not easily available and will need to be custom made, imported, and expertly fitted which can cost you time and money.  For any complex elements of your project, consider tackling these issues first and build your budget and timeline around your unique design elements.

Discussing any difficult or unique requirements with your fit out specialist in advance can help to minimise any budget blow out for your project

We are here to make your dream kitchen a reality

Whether you are wanting a simple remodel or a brand-new top of the line commercial kitchen, we are here to help you every step of the way. We are constantly asked what it costs for a commercial kitchen fit out? We are committed to working closely with you from the planning phase through to the completion of your dream commercial kitchen and work within your budget constraints.

Contact us to find out more and get a quote.

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