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Commercial Kitchen Remodel Guide

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Planning your commercial kitchen remodel? Follow our kitchen remodel guide

Is your restaurant’s commercial kitchen due for a refurbishment? Careful planning is the key to a successful commercial kitchen remodel project. An outdated or inefficient kitchen layout can severely impact your business operations and profitability. 

Renovating your commercial kitchen allows opportunities to enhance your workflow, expand menu offerings, replace older equipment, and ensure you are complying with the latest health and safety codes. 

However, commercial kitchen construction and remodelling projects can be complex, and they require meticulous planning and coordination. This commercial kitchen plan guide will walk you through the key considerations.

Assess operational needs including commercial kitchen equipment

The first step in your kitchen remodel journey is conducting a thorough assessment of your current and projected operational needs for your restaurant kitchens. Make a list of all required equipment based on your menu and production volume. 

Consider dedicated areas for food preparation, cook lines, dishwashing, dry storage, refrigeration, and more. Identify workflow inefficiencies in your existing layout that need resolving. Determine if you need to increase your overall kitchen square metres to accommodate growth.

Set a realistic budget for your next commercial kitchen remodel 

Commercial kitchen equipment is a major investment, so it’s crucial to set a realistic budget upfront. Budget for all equipment costs, construction and installation expenses, plus potential utility upgrades for plumbing, electrical, ventilation, and more. 

Obtain quotes from equipment suppliers and be sure to allocate a contingency fund of 10-20% to cover any unforeseen costs. We talk all about commercial kitchen costs in our commercial kitchen cost blog, check it out.

Design an optimised kitchen layout 

Collaborate with an experienced commercial kitchen designer or architect to optimise the layout for maximum efficiency. The end goal of commercial kitchen remodelling is to create a logical flow from receiving to preparation areas, to the cook line to plating and service areas. Allow enough space for each workstation while ensuring space in the aisles for staff to get through. 

The design should include the right amount of hand sinks, floor drains, grease traps, and other backend utility needs, as well as properly specified ventilation canopies and fire suppression systems.

If you need advice on commercial equipment for your commercial kitchen remodel, consider the professionals at Reign In Design. We specialise in commercial kitchen remodels and can optimise your layout to suit your needs and workflow. Contact us to chat through options today.

Choose commercial kitchen equipment and durable surfaces

Look for commercial-grade equipment that fits your production requirements. Use durable, non-porous surface materials like stainless steel for food preparation areas. For flooring, choose something that is slip-resistant and easy to clean for commercial kitchens. 

Upgrade utilities in your kitchen

Depending on your new kitchen layout, you may be required to upgrade the electrical mains supply, gas lines, water lines and drainage. Reign In Design can assist with contractors in the likely need to install additional floor sinks, dishwasher drainage areas, grease traps, and other utilities. 

Kitchen remodel permits and inspections 

Have you made sure you have obtained all required permits for the remodelling work? Before any construction commences, this is a must! Throughout the project, you’ll need to schedule inspections at key stages to verify compliance with health, fire safety, and other regulations. 

You’ll need to ensure that all your new kitchen equipment and surfaces meet local council and health regulations. Ask us how we can help with these key compliance stages.

Hire qualified licensed contractors for your next kitchen remodel

Perhaps most crucially, you need to ensure you are working with licensed, insured, and experienced contractors for all construction phases, including the buildout, equipment installation, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, and more. 

The Reign In Design team has expertise in commercial kitchen design and construction and can recommend qualified contractors. Contact us to find out more.

You’re ready to start planning your kitchen remodel!

A commercial kitchen remodel or remodelling is no simple task, but thorough planning and execution can deliver an efficient, code-compliant workspace to better serve your customers and grow your business. 

By budgeting realistically, optimising the layout, and engaging qualified professionals for your next kitchen remodel project, you can successfully navigate the remodelling process. Contact the team today to get started with your project.



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