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Top 8 Commercial Kitchen Equipment Must-Haves

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Top 8 Commercial Kitchen Equipment Must-Haves

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, catering business, or a commercial kitchen, outfitting your space with the right equipment is a top priority. A well-equipped commercial kitchen allows for efficient meal preparation, proper food storage and consistent service. 

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which pieces are highly necessary. Here at Reign In Design, we’ll explore the top eight commercial kitchen equipment must-haves to help you prioritise your selection. We can also help you select the right kitchen equipment for your kitchen requirements and layout.

1. Commercial Refrigeration

Proper refrigeration is the foundation of any commercial kitchen. Investing in high-quality commercial freezers and refrigerators is crucial for maintaining food safety and freshness. Look for energy-efficient models with ample storage capacity to accommodate your needs.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers are designed for the heavy usage and high-volume storage needs of the professional kitchen whether it be in a restaurant or coffee shop. Look for models constructed with durable stainless steel interiors and exteriors that can withstand frequent opening and closing. Robust compressors, high-efficiency insulation and automatic defrost capabilities are also top of the list.

For prepping stations, under-counter refrigerators enable chefs to keep frequently used ingredients close at hand while maintaining food safety temperatures. Worktop freezers provide easy access to frozen items.

With the immense variety and advanced features available from Reign In Design, you can build out a powerful refrigeration system tailored to your kitchen’s specific cold storage requirements. Proper refrigeration is truly important for food safety and extending shelf life.

Browse through our extensive range of commercial fridges to find the one that’s suitable for your needs.

2. Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens are a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any kitchen that prepares baked goods, roasts and more. From convection ovens to combi ovens that combine steam and convection, Reign In Design offers a range of size options to suit various cooking styles.

At the core of most kitchens are full-size commercial convection ovens. These use an internal fan to circulate hot air evenly, enabling consistent baking and roasting on all racks. Look for robust double-stacked gas or electric models with steam injection capabilities to add moisture to breads.

Combi ovens combine the functionality of a convection oven and a steamer in one unit. This versatile type of oven can bake, roast, grill and steam, using various heat transfer modes. Combi ovens streamline kitchen operations by replacing multiple pieces of equipment.

For operations focused on bread and pizza production, deck ovens provide excellent heat distribution through a ceramic or refractory deck surface. These heavy-duty ovens can handle very high temperatures ideal for these types of food.

Look for ovens with programmable controls, energy-efficient designs, easy-to-clean interiors and robust construction. With the right commercial ovens from Reign In Design, you’ll have reliable, high-performance cooking equipment capable of producing consistent results day in and day out.

Find a commercial oven to suit your business and your budget.

3. Commercial Cooktops and Ranges

Every commercial kitchen needs a reliable cooktop range for frying, sauteing and boiling. Whether you prefer gas cooktops or electric cooktop models, our range is constructed with heavy-duty materials, precise temperature control and easy-to-clean surfaces for effortless maintenance.

Commercial ranges combine a cooktop and one or more oven cavities in a single unit. This versatile equipment enables you to cook foods on the range top while baking or roasting in the oven simultaneously. Look for models with 6 or more burners, a griller and convection oven bases.

For operations focused on cooktop cooking, commercial cooktops provide concentrated burner power. These range from 24″ units with 2-4 burners up to 72″ models with 12 burners or more.

Both ranges and cooktops are available in gas or electric models. Gas units provide intense heat output and fast response times. Electric options offer more precise temperature control. Heavy-duty cast iron or plated steel grates provide a sturdy, level cooking surface.

Browse commercial cooktops or get in touch with us today to find out more.

4. Commercial Mixers and Blenders

For preparing sauces, batters, doughs, and other mixtures, commercial-grade mixers and blenders are invaluable to your kitchen. Invest in high-powered models with durable blades and attachments to handle heavy workloads efficiently. Look for powerful motors, stainless steel bowls and robust attachments like dough hooks, whisks and paddles.

Whether you need a robust spiral mixer, high-capacity vertical mixer, powerful bar blender or technologically advanced high-performance blender, Reign In Design offers superior commercial solutions built for the demanding conditions of a professional kitchen. Invest in durable, high-capacity mixing and blending equipment to enable efficient, consistent food preparation.

Reign In Design offers a range of benchtop equipment to meet your needs. Whether it’s mixers or blenders you are after, we have plenty of brands and models to choose from.

5. Commercial Food Processors and Choppers

Let’s face it, slicing, dicing, and chopping can be time-consuming tasks without the right equipment. Commercial food processors and choppers can significantly reduce prep time, ensuring consistent results and minimising waste.

Capacities range from 2-20 cups for food processors, with continuous feed models available for high-volume operations. High-wattage motors, precision blade control, and multiple speeds provide ultimate chopping customisation.

Sturdy, easy-to-clean construction with removable parts is essential for food processors and choppers used in commercial kitchens. Interlocking safety features prevent operation unless properly assembled. Continuous feed chute models enable processing without stopping.

Investing in high-quality commercial food processors and choppers allows your kitchen to streamline prep work and operations. Quickly chop, slice and shred ingredients with precision and repeatability every time. These vital tools boost kitchen productivity while ensuring consistent food textures and appearance.

Shop our range today and find a model to suit your budget and requirements.

6. Commercial Grills

Whether you’re toasting sandwiches in a grill station or require a commercial toaster, we have all you need for your kitchen to enable you to serve hot toasties, breakfast pastries, buns and all types of bread. Commercial grills feature thick steel or chrome plates that distribute heat evenly across the entire surface. Look for grills with either manual or thermostatic heat controls. Grooved surfaces help drain away grease and oils. 

All commercial grills from Reign In Design feature durable stainless steel bodies built for the demands of non-stop service. With precise heat controls and fast recovery times, these powerhouses enable high-speed cooking while delivering consistent, delicious results.

Look at our grill station range today and you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

7. Commercial Sinks and Dishwashers

Efficient and hygienic cleaning is not just crucial in a commercial kitchen equipment – it’s absolutely necessary! Proper cleaning and sanitation of dishes, utensils, cookware and prep areas is essential for maintaining high food safety standards and preventing cross-contamination. That’s why high-capacity commercial stainless steel sinks and powerful dishwashers are invaluable investments.  

Commercial sinks need to be large, deep and durable to withstand the constant use of a busy kitchen. Look for multipurpose compartment sinks made of robust stainless steel that allows for separation of cleaning tasks like washing and rinsing. Built-in draining boards provide spaces for air-drying cleaned items. Many sinks have adjustable legs or equipment stands to align ergonomically.

For high-volume dishwashing, commercial dishwashers are workhorses capable of sanitising racks of dishes, glassware, cookware and more in a matter of minutes. Undercounter dishwasher units maximise limited space while tall door-style or conveyor machines accommodate extreme capacity needs.

We have many models of stainless benches and sinks and commercial dishwashers to suit every budget and commercial kitchen.

8. Commercial Benchtop Equipment

Efficient food preparation is one of the top priorities of any successful commercial kitchen operation. Having the right commercial prep equipment can significantly increase productivity while ensuring consistency and food safety standards are met. 

Reign In Design offers a wide range of preparation equipment designed for the rigours of professional kitchens. A commercial food slicer is an essential tool, allowing you to quickly and accurately slice meats, cheeses, vegetables and more with precision. Their powerful motors and sharp blades make quick work of prep tasks.

For high-volume vegetable preparation, browse through our range of durable commercial vegetable slicers. These specialised pieces of equipment can slice, dice, julienne and process with speed and consistency.

Rounding out the prep line-up are commercial mixers for whipping up batters, doughs and toppings, as well as commercial can openers, peelers and zesters for tackling those tough tasks.

By investing in high-quality commercial prep equipment, you’ll be able to streamline kitchen workflows, minimise waste and ensure menu items are prepared with efficiency and care every time. Our prep equipment is designed for the demands of busy commercial kitchens.

Our commercial kitchen equipment list covers most of the essential items, although there are many other specialised pieces that may be necessary depending on your menu and operations. As you customise your commercial kitchen materials, consider factors such as energy efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance and cost-effectiveness.

Reign In Design is one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, offering a comprehensive range of products from many trusted brands. Whether you need industrial kitchen equipment, commercial refrigeration, ovens, benchtop equipment, or storage solutions, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

Visit our website or call us today for a free consultation and quote. Our work is guaranteed and we would love to help you with your project.



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