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Take your kitchen to the next level with our dual fridge freezers

Skope ReFlex 2 Solid Door Upright GN 2/1 Compatible Fridge & Freezer

At Reign in Design, we specialise in providing top-of-the-line dual fridge freezers that redefine efficiency in commercial kitchens. You might be asking yourself, why should I invest in a dual fridge freezer for my commercial kitchen?

Our commercial kitchen clients love their dual fridge freezers because they save space and keep things organised. With both fridge and freezer sections, you can store everything you need at the right temperatures. They’re energy-efficient, which helps cut down on costs, and they fit well into any kitchen layout. 

Plus, combining two functions in one makes them a smart and budget-friendly choice. Overall, they make kitchen operations smoother and more efficient.

Now let’s explore how our high-quality half fridge freezers can enhance the functionality of your kitchen space.

Key benefits of our commercial dual fridge freezers

  • Our half-fridge freezers, including renowned brands such as Skope, Cyberchill, and Williams, are crafted using cutting-edge technology and top-tier components to deliver superior performance.
  • The compact and ergonomic design allows for optimal space utilisation in your kitchen, maximising storage capacity without compromising on efficiency.
  • Our units offer the flexibility to store a wide range of perishable goods at ideal temperature settings.
  • We offer energy-efficient options, our dual fridge freezers help reduce operational costs while maintaining peak performance.
  • Built with high-quality materials and components, these units are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial kitchens, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Our dual fridge freezers are designed for easy maintenance, minimising downtime and ensuring your kitchen operations run smoothly.
  • Precise temperature control and advanced cooling technology ensure that your ingredients remain fresh and safe, meeting the highest standards of food safety.

Why choose our commercial fridge freezer models

Our dual fridge freezers are crafted using cutting-edge technology and top-tier components to deliver top performance. With precise temperature control and efficient storage options, these refrigeration units are designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern commercial kitchens.

At Reign in Design, we understand that every kitchen is unique so our team of experts can work closely with you to assess your specific refrigeration needs and recommend the perfect half fridge freezers from brands like Skope, Cyberchill, and Williams that align with your requirements and layout constraints.

SKOPE’s upright refrigerators, like the ReFlex 2 Solid Door Upright Fridge, provide versatile food storage solutions with features that cater to your needs. With the SKOPE-connect app, you can easily match the temperature range to your specific produce requirements. The fridge boasts a durable 304 stainless steel body and SKOPE’s renowned quality design, built to withstand the demands of tough commercial environments. Available in various sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect upright refrigerator to fit your kitchen or storage area.

For storage purposes, SKOPE’s under bench refrigerators, with available options of a one door fridge, two door fridge, and three-door refrigerator with stainless steel finishes, combine functionality and stylish design. These units are perfect for storage. Whether you need to maximise storage capacity or enhance your display, SKOPE’s refrigeration range has you covered with innovative solutions.

Our CyberChill refrigeration options offer a variety of choices to suit different commercial kitchen needs. From the versatile CyberChill CCB 300 One Glass Door Merchandiser to the compact and efficient CyberChill HPU 150 Single Door Undercounter Refrigerator, we have fridges that maximise both space and functionality. We also supply under-counter refrigerators and deep freezers, all designed to keep your ingredients perfectly stored and easily accessible to staff.

If you want to improve your display and storage, our CyberChill back bar fridges, like the TBBS 600 Single Door Bottle Cooler, are both stylish and practical. We also offer specialised units like the CyberChill GFS 600 Glass Froster to keep your glassware chilled. Whether you need a compact fridge or a larger upright cabinet, CyberChill products are reliable and energy-efficient, helping your kitchen run smoothly.

Contact us today for further information or to discuss your commercial refrigeration requirements.



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